PathBio: An ERASMUS+ Knowledge Alliance consortium

Mice represent more than 60% of the laboratory animals used in Europe for research purposes in Universities, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical companies. Technologies for characterising mouse models of human disease have advanced enormously in the last decade and the availability of mouse models for the understanding and cure of human diseases has similarly increased through the use of novel techniques such as CRISPR gene editing.

Such advances in science bring with them a need for training in new techniques and particularly the integration of that training where expertise lies distributed across Europe and the rest of the world.

3D Model of Mouse Embryo

PathBio resources and Morphophen

The PathBio project has now ended but the materials from the courses are still available for free on application to

Morphophen Masters degree

Human Diseases Models Morphological Phenotyping (MorphoPHEN) consists of an integrated and interdisciplinary Erasmus Mundus Joint Master.

It is conceived to alleviate the real shortage of experts in morphological mouse phenotyping, which is needed to generate a positive impact of preclinical biomedicine and improve human translatability (from the bench to the bedside). More information can be found on